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Tarot videos are a great feature of this website and the collection is rapidly growing. As I am getting towards several years online with my Tarot Websites(s),  I have created a large amount of Tarot resources including Tarot courses, readings, card meanings, personal stories and of course video’s.

Initially I have posted these videos on the blog of www.teachingtarottotheworld.com but they tend to get lost in the past. So what better way to do justice to these great resources, than to allocate a specific page for them?

This page will show you what is on offer, from here you can watch and explore the tarot videos that are of interest to you.

If you have any suggestions for future Tarot video series please let me know.

Here is the run-down of different Tarot videos so far, where possible they are grouped together.

 What is Tarot? 1 and 2
• Tarot FAQ’s - Part 1
• Scary Tarot Cards Part 1, 2, 3 and 4
• How to be a Tarot reader
• Tarot Online
• Online Tarot reading videos
• Tarot Card-a-Day video’s

If we have quite a collection you can click on the hyperlink and go to the dedicated Page for that Tarot series.

What is Tarot?

There is an extensive and still growing series of videos on: What is Tarot? Tarot is such a multifaceted tool and can be used in many ways. The ‘What is Tarot? Page’, will show you many videos. The uses for Tarot might surprise you it is a creative, dynamic tool that goes to the heart of the way we see and experience the world as humans.
For the series on ‘What is Tarot?’ Click here.

There are several pages on ‘What is Tarot?’ here are page 1 and 2

Frequently Asked Questions about Tarot

There are many FAQ’s in regards to Tarot. We have a Tarot video series that cover a range of these questions. A must to check out for the curious or for those that are not sure about Tarot.

Scary Tarot Cards

In line with FAO’s Tarot is one of these things that people either love or hate. This is often based on what others have told them, on what the media portrays or because of firsthand experience. There is for some people an unjustified fear for the cards. (Well I guess it depends on who uses the cards if the fear is unjustified - but I think 90% of Tarot readers are honest people that want to help.) To prevent and correct the image that Tarot is scary I have created the scary Tarot cards series. All cards that can be slightly scary are discussed and properly explained in a tarot video.

How to be a Tarot reader?

The series on ‘How to be a Tarot reader?’ talks you through the different elements that come with being or becoming a Tarot reader.

Tarot Online

As with many things when something that we do off-line goes online there is going to be a change in the way we work with it. For Tarot, it means that we need to be aware of the pros and cons of Tarot online. We can draw our cards automatically on line which can be very fun and informative. We can have an expert help us with our questions by opting to have a Tarot reading online by an online Tarot reader. This can be a great option as we get access to the best Tarot readers from the comfort of home.

Online Tarot reading videos

This is another series that is evolving and growing over time as more readings are taped. At the moment we have an example video of a three card reading:
You can also sign up for a FREE three card Tarot reading. This reading will be conducted and read by me and it will be written up as a reading report and posted on the website as a learning tool for others and a tool for insight for the visitor that won our reading for the week.

Tarot Card-a-Day Series

A great way to learn how to read Tarot cards is by picking a Tarot card-a-day. This is now even easier as we have the online tool to do this. Here you can find videos of Tarot card-a-day’s that I have done.
The idea is that this page will be a starting point to explore tarot videos from.  When we have new ideas or a new series, we will let you know here. If you love the videos and want to learn more sign up for the free Tarot course here.

Video Pages:

What is Tarot 1
What is Tarot 2

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