Scary Tarot cards

Part 2

On these pages you can see videos and explanations about what by some are seen as scary Tarot cards, but they are not really scary at all. We have looked at the Devil on the first page of this series. We are now looking at the remaining ‘scary tarot cards’ of the Major Arcana.

On this page we will look at:

• The Death Card
• The Tower
• The Moon

To see the introduction to this series click here.

The Death Card

This card is traditionally one of the most feared cards in the deck. What does it mean when you draw a card like this? Are you about to die? No – nor is anyone around you if so it would be very coincidental and to go back to my pragmatic approach to the cards have you ever read a death notice so and so passed away as a result of a Tarot card reading containing the death card. I haven’t and intuitive readers like myself will never be able to go there.

What can we say about the death card? Well it obviously indicates an ending, a natural ending at that and we as human beings will figuratively speaking die many dead’s to make room for new experiences to come into our lives.

The Tower

This card is dark and has an element of surprise to it with the lighting hitting the tower. However thunder and lightning can revive the world and there is calm both before and after the storm. It terms of Tarot we are looking at the structures in our lives and belief systems that are broken down. This in turn gives us a chance to rebuild a stronger, newer tower instead.

The Moon

To some this card is scary to others it is okay. We are all very unique in how we see the world. Added to this is that the art work from deck to deck differs making this automatically a more positive or more negative and scary card.

One of the meanings of the Moon however is fear and this is not necessarily a bad thing. We all feel afraid when the road ahead is unclear and uncertain which is portrayed here in the moon. If we can go through this journey or process of fear (for the unknown) then eventually the night will turn into day and we come out of this experience with allot more (self-) knowledge than before.

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