Tarot stories

Tarot stories come in all shapes and sizes and in very different topics. Besides normal readings using the cards as a story board, can really cement your understanding of the cards. This is why I have students create stories in my Tarot courses once they understand the basic meanings of the cards. Educational motives put aside, it is also a nice way to express either stories of your life or to visualise certain stories for you.

You can create Tarot stories about anything; significant events in your everyday life, but also about well-known people and events in the world at large.

Where does this idea come from?

There is this school of thought which is in line with some of the stories about the history of Tarot. But it basically states that people can come from different backgrounds and don’t have to be able to speak each other’s language. If they have amongst them one Tarot deck they will be able to tell others the story of their life, how they are feeling, what they want to do in future.

Why? Well Tarot is the language of images and archetypes so irrespective of our individual language and background it works with the basic premise that makes us all human. This premise is visualised and covers the following areas; spirituality and personal growth, logical thinking, emotions, energy and enthusiasm and lastly the solid building blocks of life. These blocks create tangible things coming from all those other areas.

As time goes on I will show you different ways to work with the concept of Tarot stories. I hope you enjoy reading the following one;

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It is simply amazing!

Our first story in this series

It all started with a Tower event........

I wrote a post in the blog about this tower event which is in line with my daughters schooling, it takes quite an interesting turn. See and read how this event is shown with the use of a few Tarot cards…………….

Other Tarot stories

Going to school............

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