Scary Tarot cards

Part 3

This is page 3 of our series on scary Tarot cards. We are starting to look at some cards in the Minor Arcana. 

On this page we will look at:
• 9 of Swords
• 10 of Swords

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scary Tarot cards - 9 of Swords

This is an image that probably initiates thoughts of sleepless nights, worry or nightmares. And although this might be the case, there is also allot of hope and opportunity in this card. Firstly the blanket is very bright and positive amidst the dark surroundings. This blanket covers and to a certain extent, comforts the person. If we are in a ‘dark place’ we can ask; what is still good, what is still very comforting for us?

We see the posture of the person. She is putting her hands over her eyes she is unable to see. What would happen if she removed her hands and opened her eyes? Yes the surroundings would be dark but she could also see the blanket and she could see the swords. The swords are hanging over the persons head which traditionally indicates worries. In this cases worries that keep us awake at night. When we open our eyes we can actually see them. How many worries do we have? Can we do anything about them? Are some worries based in our imagination and not that likely to come to fruition? In regards to the worries; can do something about when? How? Once you have answered most of these questions, you will feel a bit better. Hopefully the power these thoughts have over you will not keep you awake anymore, and / or they gradually lose their power over you.

In a more elaborate reading you will also find ideas and suggestions as to what to do when you are in this situation. So overall the card can be a lot about empowerment if we are willing to challenge our thinking.

Scary Tarot cards - 10 of Swords

This is one of the few cards that I disagree with in terms of how Arthur Edward Waite has decided to portray this card. Why 10 Swords in the back? In allot of decks these swords are actually placed behind the person in the earth. It indicates an ending (as all the number 10’s do in the Minor Arcana) this indicates the end of our thinking patterns. We now need to work on our ‘problems or challenges’ in a different way (-other than over thinking it). We might need to check in how we feel about something, what we can do or how we can learn, develop and grow from situations.

When we draw this card, our thoughts are running on empty, which sometimes isn’t a bad thing ;-).

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