Frequently Asked Tarot questions

There are a number of frequently asked Tarot questions. Tarot is a niche subject and in relative terms not many people know allot about Tarot.

For those who are curious or intrigued by Tarot there are many questions to ask.  The questions range about how Tarot cards work, what you can do with the cards to questions about readings, interpretation and the somewhat vague line between the two different types of Tarot readers; the psychic and the intuitive.

For all these questions and more we have a FAQ page set up. As with other pages on this site this is a starting page, click on the links to find out the answer to specific questions that are of interest to you.

As this page is growing we will add additional pages and links. I prefer to not make the pages too long as it becomes cluttered and hard to navigate your way around the site (plus if you are anything like me, you get ‘scrolling fatigue’)

List of Questions

This is our list of FATQ (Frequently asked Tarot Questions):

1. How do Tarot cards work?
2. What can you do with Tarot cards?
3. Do you need to be a psychic to read Tarot cards?
4. How can I learn to read Tarot cards if I am not psychic?
5. I have never touched a deck of Tarot cards where do I start?
6. Can you predict the future with Tarot cards? Will I be able to predict the future with the cards?
7. What if I get a scary Tarot card in my reading?
8. Tarot Cards to not work unless you belief in them?
9. I have heard that Tarot is just a counselling session
10. Tarot cards are scary
11. I know the meaning of the Tarot cards but cannot do a reading yet, where should I start?

Please click on the links to find out more.

On all pages, you will find extensive answers and a range of videos about the questions.

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