About me

A little bit of information about me; my name is Sabine Straver and I love the Tarot cards. I have worked with the cards since 1997 and they still never seem to stop to amaze me. Readings for myself are insightful, readings for others help full and sometimes life changing (based on their insights of the situation).

I have thought Tarot to many students since 2007, which until this day I enjoy even more so than doing readings for people. Tarot is a great tool for insight, creativity and problem solving about ones issues and challenges in life. I am known as an intuitive reader which means I will not and cannot predict the future.

Professional Membership

I am a Professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia which means I have sat an exam to test my Tarot skills. Nowadays I am regularly on the panel to help new Tarot members become qualified.

Tech Savy Tarot reader

Since 2010 I have become (a somewhat unwilling) Tech savvy Tarot expert. The thought struck that there might be a bigger audience that wanted to learn Tarot than just people in regional Australia ;-) This thought saw me embark on a mammoth task of learning online software, online marketing and website creation to bring Tarot to people that are interested and could be based anywhere in the world.

I have two websites the website you are visiting now: www.tarotreadingsandmeanings.com this site gives allot of knowledge about specific card meanings, tarot readings and resources. It is a joy to write and work on.
My other website: www.teachingtarottotheworld.com is much more video based with very regular video’s on ‘How to read Tarot cards?’ showing you step by step how things work. This website also has a FREE TAROT course and the 3 Tarot courses I normally teach in person. They have been created as online courses so you can learn Tarot anytime and anywhere, from the comfort of your own home.

Non Tarot related infromation about me

If I am not behind the computer, I work as a professional in a pretty responsible job (which is one of the reasons I do not plaster my photo on the website). 

Furthermore I like to be busy with my two beautiful children, the household and my dear hubby.

Generally speaking I love all I do.

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