What is Tarot?

To answer the question what is Tarot? Is probably similar to the answer of how long is a piece of string? Traditionally Tarot cards have been mainly known through their readings and possibly the change that someone predicted your future with the cards. In more recent years the world of Tarot has been turned upside down and many, many uses for the cards have been brought to light.

Did you know Tarot can be used as a tool for creativity, a tool for insight (rather than prediction), a story board, a brainstorming tool (no more boring lists). It can be applied to questions about work, business, finances or relationships. Opportunities are endless as Tarot speaks to us but not in our normal verbal language but in the language of images and symbols. It therefor taps into areas our rational mind cannot always access or explain whereas our gut often just ‘knows’ things.

When doing a brainstorm on what is tarot I had so many ideas down on paper that started this video series.

I am sure the list will grow very big over time, please enjoy the videos here.

• Tarot is a divination tool
• A Tarot is a system with a Major and Minor Arcana
• Tarot is a tool for insight
• Work – a three card Tarot reading
This could relate to:
o             Finance
o             Business
o             Relationship
• A tool for self-development
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Tarot is a divination tool

Tarot is a divination tool, meaning we can try a ‘see’ our destiny or what path we are travelling. Depending on whether you are a psychic or an intuitive reader, you can make certain predictions.

Tarot is a system with a Major and Minor Arcana

When I teach students how to learn Tarot I teach them allot about how the Tarot is build up in different sections and what these sections mean. When you understand this it is allot easier to learn the Card meanings and to do readings.

What is Tarot? – Tarot is a tool for insight

Forget about the whole prediction aspect of Tarot. If you don’t like or don’t belief in that. You can still use the Tarot as a tool for great, deep and meaningful insights. The following video’s show how a simple three card Tarot reading can help in situations when there is a question relating to: work, finance, business and a relationship.

Work – a three card Tarot reading

Finance – a three card Tarot reading

Business – a three card Tarot reading

Relationship – a three card Tarot reading

What is Tarot? – A tool for self-development

Tarot can also be a great tool for self-development which is one of the lesser known ways you can use Tarot. It is one of the ways why I am very passionate about teaching people to read the cards for themselves. Know –one will ever know you as well as you know yourself and using Tarot cards to tap into this knowledge even further makes it a powerful tool for self-development. We can learn about our unconscious thought patterns or behaviours. We can learn about how we see the world or interact in it. It is an always fascinating way to use the cards.

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