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We have a collection of FATQ's, on this page you can find the answer to the first two.

How do Tarot cards work?


What can you do with Tarot cards?

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Tarot question 1 –
How do Tarot cards work?

Let’s start with the beginning and learn how Tarot cards work. Firstly, how tarot cards work, depends on whether or not, you are psychic. Some psychics use Tarot cards as a springboard put can pick up much more that what the cards are saying so really it is a starting point for them. For intuitive readers like myself we are using Tarot cards as a mirror. The concept is that if you are in a certain frame of mind things around you will reflect that. An example of this is how come that you meet a person you thought about yesterday. Or you find the perfect book for your particular challenge in life. It is also called synchronicity - things just fall into place as they are meant to happen.

As an intuitive reader I work with this concept – I believe that you (the client) will pick up the cards in a particular order, an order in which they are meant to come out for you at this point in time. Synchronicity is an interesting phenomena and something that is not scientifically proven (I come from a logical BA in Psychology background). When you start to regularly work with the cards this synchronicity is striking time and time again. Either you draw similar cards if say you do draw a Tarot-Card-A-Day or readings keep on giving you similar messages with different cards. Without fail every course I have though this happens and the only explanation I have is that people are in a certain frame of mind in which they attract certain things (also cards).

Tarot question 2 -
What can you do with Tarot Cards?

This is a never ending question as especially in the last two decades Tarot teachers, writers and artist have pushed the boundaries of what was formally normal practise with the Tarot cards. This namely being; have readings and hopefully find things out about the future.

By looking at Tarots ever expanding literature, you get an idea of what you can do. Here are just a few specialised Tarot book topics; Tarot journaling, Tarot for business, Tarot for your love life or career. There is also Tarot for self-development and creative exploration, the list is truly endless. I hope to give you many glimpses of what Tarot can be used for on this site through a variety of ways.

In relation to this Tarot question, see the video on what can you do with Tarot cards and have a look at the pages that cover; What is Tarot 1 and 2 as it will expand this answer.

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