What is Tarot?
Part 2

We have built a library of information trying to answer the question: What is Tarot? This as the answers can greatly differ between how people use the cards and in which situation they use them. To view Part 1 of What is Tarot Click here.

The following answers on the question: What is Tarot? can be found on this page.

Tarot is:
• A mirror
• A piece of History
• A tool using archetypes
• A system that works on all human levels

Tarot is a mirror

In line with the video on Tarot being a tool for self-development we can say that Tarot is a Mirror. You can compare this to the feedback (sometimes painful feedback) from a dear friend or our intimate partner. They can see us and our behaviour in a different light and give us some honest feedback about how we interact with the world around us. Sometimes we agree immediately, other times we are frustrated; how dare they? But when we are again in a similar situation we remember the feedback our loved ones gave us and we can from then on decide to either keep with our default behaviour or change.

To relate this back to the Tarot we sometimes are caught up in our own thoughts and ideas. To see this in the form of images in the Tarot cards can be a powerful way to look at our reflection our mirror image in the Tarot cards.

What is Tarot? – A piece of History

Tarot has been around for several hundred years. We can trace it back to Italy where the first deck was found. Tarot was often used and commissioned to be made in the royal circles. Only decades later became Tarot more mainstream for the average person to access and use its wisdom. However even then, Tarot was often only read by particular people in society something that still stands today.

Only very recently is Tarot a tool that can be used by individuals themselves to gain wisdom and insight for their own lives. This is an empowering trend, however understanding Tarots origins and history is a good thing to know and understand.

What is Tarot? – A tool using archetypes

When asking people if they know what an archetype is not everyone knows the answer as they are not familiar with the word. Everyone however does know what an Archetype is however. Archetypes transcends cultures, languages and customs as no matter where we live or what we belief we always will have; a mother figure, a father figure, a teacher and a foolish person amidst us. The Tarot taps into these standard figures we all know as they are our genetic makeup of being human. It is through the use of archetypes that the Tarot can speak clearly to us.

Tarot is a system that works on all human levels

Besides archetypes humans work with thoughts, emotions, passions and our ability to create concrete plans. This is also shown in the Tarot with all different levels being able to be broken down and clearly symbolised in the cards. Understanding this will help you read and interpret the cards better and easier.

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