Do you remember the first time you saw a Tarot deck or had a reading?

Maybe you had a relative that did Tarot, maybe a deck was appealing to you when you stood in a shop or you were at a fair. Maybe you wanted to know how this card reader understood the meaning of these colourful, mysterious cards. Cards displayed in a fascinating pattern that in turn told you about your life in great accuracy.

The cards are fascinating to say the least.

My first deck

I do remember my first interaction with the cards. It was in the little town I grew up in. It was 1996 I was at a fair, there was a stall with crystals and incense and several decks. I looked at it and………………………… walked away. The next year the same scenario played itself out. This time my best friend stood beside me; ‘Just buy those cards!’

I did and have never looked back.

A little background about the cards?

Decks of cards have been around for centuries we all know the normal playing cards which have been around since the 9th century. Tarot cards have been around since the 1500's, firstly discoverd in Italy after which they spread through Europe. (There are however many myths going around about their origins.)

Nowadays we find many card games still have a very high appeal and the array of beautifully crafted decks and special cards like angel cards but also Taro decks is ever increasing.

It is no wonder. What other tool lets us access our symbolic language and therefor our intuition so quickly and seamlessly? I know of no other tool.

Let’s discover the world of Tarot together

On this website we will be looking at:
• card readings
• card meanings
• book reviews
• games
• decks
• Being creative with the cards
• And much more.

Please join me on this discovery of the cards and what positive impact they can have on your life.

This website is meant to be a great resource for all Tarrot related material. It is a work in progress any ideas, additions and suggestions are more than welcome……..enjoy the site.

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