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This week we are doing a free three card Tarot reading for Danny.

Danny wants to know about her love life.
Our brief

The topic: Love

People involved: my ex-boyfriend

Question: When will I know a new love?

This is a question an intuitive reader cannot answer as it requires psychic abilities. What we can do however is tweak the question and rephrase it so we can get a valuable answer in regards to the topic of this question.

I would rephrase it as follows: What is important in regards to my love life? You see it doesn’t say if and when a new love will come, it basically hones in on what is important.


The layout out
for this free three card Tarot reading

For this reading we want a topic and the two contrasting aspects of what is important in regards to Danny’s love life and what isn’t important.

We could inquire about the ex-boyfriend as he is one of the people involved but we are starting to get very close to the grey line of ethics if we do this. I would say that if we did that, we would cross an ethics line as we would be probing for information about someone that does not know about this reading.

For our purposes in this reading only Danny and her question are important.

The Cards that were drawn

We have 1 court card, no Major Arcana cards and two minor suit cards (both 9’s) the reading is relatively balanced I would say. It is interesting that the two minor Arcana cards both have a 9 as their number.

The interpretation of this free Tarot card reading

Unlike allot of the other readings we have done this reading is very straight forward to me.

The Topic

King of Pentacles; obviously the relationship just past was important and something of great value to Danny. I would say having a relationship is important and brings allot of value and richness into Danny’s life.

The card for what is important

The nine of Wands; there has been a period of growth and change (shown by the leaves on the branches) through this process Danny has become hurt and is a bit wary of getting hurt again.

With every important stage in life we learn, grow, fall down, hurt ourselves and get up. As this card indicates what is important, I think it tells Danny to rest and recover to feel secure again before we can (literally) let our guard down again. She can for the time being keep her feelings close to her chest.

What is not important?

The nine of Swords; this is one of the darker cards if this concerns you please have a look at the explanation and video on this page. For our purposes here it is not important to have sleepless nights, to feel lonely and depressed we just need to care for ourselves and recover (as the nine of Wands indicates). When we connect it with the King of Pentacles we can add that we need to focus on what are the valuable things in our live right now rather than focus on what we have lost (nine of Swords) or what has hurt us (nine of Wands).

Free three card Tarot reading summary

The cards all seem to interact nicely I think a very important theme in this reading is focussing on valuable things for Danny so the feelings will come and go but at least the attention is focussed on the things that are important to Danny.

As both the nines were reversed (see the purple arrows on the side) I would add that Danny could try to let things just fall off her. This is easier said than done, but if we see the cards upside down we can see that there more negative features will fall down to the bottom if we let them.

This reading encourages Danny to look after number one herself for the next little while, we will then have a stable basis for a future relationship.

As you can see, this reading doesn’t state if, when and how a new relation is found but I think the value of the Tarot is in the suggestions for us in the here and now.

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