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This time we have a very interesting Free three card Tarot reading coming up; it is about a career and developing a new business. I really enjoy doing readings for these type of topics as it uses Tarot in a very empowering way.

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Our brief

Topic: Career 
People involved: Cristal / herself
Question: Will I be able to move away from my current 9-5 within one year to pursue my new business?

The question is pretty good as it is already pretty specific it states the time frame for this questions is within one year and what she wants; to move away from 9-5 work.

I changed the question for this reading to: what is important if I want to move away from my current 9-5 job and pursue my new business within a year?
You see that by rephrasing the question we basically play with the notion that it is happening - the new business idea - and we focus on what is important, if we accept and follow this scenario. I try to not answer the question saying yes or no, you will be able to move into a new business, as that is not within the realm of intuitive Tarot readers.

This question, also by no means takes away free will and the clients ability to change, tweak or cancel the plans in regards to starting a new business. At this point in time we are playing with options for the future.

The layout for this Free three card Tarot reading

I used the more standard 3 card spread with 1 as the topic and both 2 and 3 as equally important but contributing factors in this reading.

The Cards that were drawn:

It is a mixture of Major and Minor Arcana cards and all cards really represent other areas / dimensions of the reading.

The interpretation of this free Tarot card reading

The Topic

The Wheel of Fortune is the topic, it is one of the ‘que sera, sera’ – ‘whatever will be, will be’ cards. Meaning, in this situation that Cristal is learning a range of different skills, she is looking into future potential of her ideas but allot also depends on the spin of the wheel of life. I think irrespective of how the Wheel of Life spins in relation to this question. It is very important for Crystal to learn as much as she can about business and about her particular niche.

What is important

That she holds on to her coins. It is very tempting to spend and splurge on business ideas, to get sucked into many different programs or helped by many different experts (all with a fee). This is not to say that Cristal cannot spend any money, but I would say this card is encouraging her to keep her cards and coins close to her chest.

What is also important

The seven of Cups, it is an emotional journey which could establish the view that the reason Cristal wants to set up business is because she is not happy at this point in time with her employment. I think all businesses, have started with a journey similar to this. The business owner, wants to find more fulfilment and joy in their work, but this does leave us vulnerable and that is what the four of Pentacles is trying to warn us about.

Free three card Tarot reading summary

For intuitive readers it is hard to say whether Cristal can start her business within the next year, but we have given her a range of things to think about. She needs to learn allot within the next couple of months (the Wheel of Fortune), she needs to keep both her ideas and her money close to her chest (4 of Pentacles) and when the time is ready she can take this new journey (8 of Cups) but on a more solid basis as she has done her research and due diligence.

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