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This week we are doing a Free Tarot card reading for Sharon.
Sharon wants to know if this is a good time to move.
Our brief
The topic: Moving now or later
People involved: me
Question: Should I move house now?

The layout for this reading

I wanted to contrast the reading so I opted for a reading that had a topic a card for if Sharon would move and a card if Sharon would stay in here present home.

As with last example, this free Tarot card reading layout, allows for a comparison between the two options for Sharon; moving or staying.

The Cards that were drawn

In a three card Tarot reading we ended up with three Major Arcana cards indicating that this is a massive process for Sharon and something that will have some big impacts on her life.

If we were face to face, I would ask Sharon if she wanted to share some of this information.

For intuitive readers the more information we get the better we can translate what the cards are trying to tell you.

The interpretation of this free Tarot reading

The Topic

The Tower, something has happened that has shaken the foundations of an aspects of Sharon’s life. We might ask, why she is considering moving and it is up to Sharon how much she wants to discuss.

The card for moving

Indicates that Sharon will need inner strength to draw on to ‘walk this path’ it might also indicate that this inner strength is definitely present even though Sharon might not feel that way.

The card for not (-yet) moving

The hanged man gives opportunities for growth as well. If Sharon stays she will develop an ability to see things from another perspective this might take some time and getting used to but could be very enlightening.

Note: that I have stated everywhere not yet moving because nothing is final it might take a bit longer or some lessons have to be learned Sharon will be able to move or able to make that decision.

Free Tarot card reading summary

Watch this video to see this reading done ‘life’ I was hoping it would give another dimension to the reading and would cut down my  text editing time required for creating a Free Tarot reading page.

Let me know your thoughts about this video.

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