Tarot Card meaning for the Wheel of Fortune

We see the Wheel of Fortune surrounded by different animals and mystical figures. The animals in the corners are learning about the wheel of life: its ups and downs, as well as the periods in between. Depending on how we view and approach the ever-spinning wheel of life, will indicate how we experience this card. For all of us the Wheel will move up and down. If we acknowledge where we are and work with this, then we are learning the life lessons of this card.

The Wheel of Fortune as a day card

Today you will be aware of the ups and downs of the wheel of life. Where are you on this Wheel – up, down, or in between? What are you learning from this experience?

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

The main idea with this card is the concept of acceptance. For some clients The Wheel of Fortune shows up in a reading and they are not in the best phase of their life at this point in time. The card encourages us to accept this. For some this is easy to do, for others it is much harder to accept as we ‘should’ be; happy, healthy and wealthy.  Or we should be with the love of our life. Maybe it is a good idea to go back to the Hermit (the previous card in the Journey of the Fool) and contemplate what it is that we find hard to accept. Do we have ‘should’s’ that haven’t come to fruition? What is our underlying thought pattern to this?

For example: we might have a fantastic well-paying job we love, but we have not found the love of our life as yet. When we get this card and we acknowledge that we feel on the bottom of the Wheel of Fortune. We can ask ourselves what do we focus our attention on? Is this a realistic view of our life or are we much more successful and competent than we are willing to admit?
This card also reminds us of another law of life; what comes down needs to come up - as it is an every spinning wheel.

How this card could present itself in real life

In the last few years I have spent most of my time at home with my children. I did work but more on a casual basis rather than being a fully-fledged career woman. This was against my plans and ideas when I started my University Degree, but life happens. At times I felt down on the wheel of Fortune seeing my peers getting into fantastic full time careers. At other times I have been very grateful of the time spend with my two beautiful children. Not to mention the incredible array of skills I have developed by having time at home; cooking, cleaning, sewing, knitting, computer software, webpage building skills, organizing skills the list is endless….

How this card is represented in other tarot decks

My favourite representation of the Wheel of Fortune is in the Robin Wood deck. In this card, she has drawn a woman going through all different emotional states throughout the ups and downs of the wheel. It is one of the easier cards to understand, yet still profoundly meaningful.

Across decks, most decks have a wheel and are showing some element of change – change is life and life is in constant change. We determine how we experience this fact of life.

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