Tarot Card meaning for the Justice Card

We see the figure; Justice, sitting calmly and stably on her throne. She is clear-headed and has the ability to make well-balanced decisions. The card suggests contemplation and the ability to weigh things up before we continue onto decision-making.

The Justice as a day card

Today is a time to weigh things up and – if possible - make a decision. How can we be balanced and just in our decisions? What aids you in, or prevents you from, making a balanced decision? Why do you make decisions easily or find it hard to make them? There are lots of questions for this Tarot card.

Negative or Reversed meaning for the Justice card

Reversely we might be procrastinating on making decisions, this could mean that we feel stuck and it could last for quite a long time. We are just there and we could be in limbo. Often when we have this card and feel stuck, we are not too happy about a situation. Nor do we want to face the full situation and make decisions. Sometimes, we have to make hard decisions it comes with progressing and developing into the full, exciting, adventurous, brave, bold and grown up person we want to become.
Another negative to the Justice might be; that she comes across a bit aloof. This card is based on the rationale and the ability to balance logical pros and cons, more so, than being based in the emotions. This in turn can make it a harder card to deal with for the more sensitive individuals amongst us.

How could this card present itself in real life?

A good example of the Justice card is the legal system. It aims are pure; to be fair and just to all and to do this it needs to be based on logic, systems and rational.

An example from my own life would be; being made redundant. This is a hard pill to swallow even if you see it coming as I did several years ago. For a business, it is however the best decision to make in some instances. They need to look at the logical ramifications for the business to keep someone on and the financial impact it would have on their business. If a business is faced with going down or retrenching staff, the logical decision would be to let people go, irrespective of how people feel about this process. This is not to say that outcomes of this card are negative. After being retrenched I was able to spend significant more time with my children and it started a wonderful time in my life.

How this card is represented in other tarot decks?

In other Tarot decks the Justice pretty much always has scales in her hands to balance her choices. Regularly the figure is blindfolded indicating that we must have, to a certain extent blind faith in making the correct decisions. Even though, we don’t always know if the decisions made today, are the right ones, only the future can tell. A last difference between decks is the focus on the sword in the card. It shows allot about how the decision was made. Was it slow and weighted up or harsh and a bit hasty? The image often gives us a deeper glimpse into both the Tarot deck and the creator of this card.

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