Tarot Card meaning for the Hermit

In the Hermit, we see an old man holding a light – a possible interpretation being his guiding light. The card suggests spending time alone with one’s own thoughts in order to find your own guiding light and to see where it wants to lead you. We however cannot always, act like this card, as we would not fully participate in life and the social interaction that comes with it.

The Hermit as a day card

Today if at all possible, try to spend some time alone. Get in touch with your own inner guiding light, and think about how it makes you feel.
Reversely, perhaps we might find that we are removing ourselves so much from the outer world that we are becoming recluses - why? What purpose does this serve us?

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

Being alone with our guiding light might be selfish and mean that you do not contribute to society as much as you should (although this is a believe system that we might like to further explore). We really have to find a balance between being out there in the world. And having some alone time for some reflection about ones live, in which we can question, where we are heading. Some of us never have some time alone, others are ‘Hermit like’ for days on end. What are our motives and reasons to either work with or go against this card?

How could this card present itself in real life?

I am an introvert through and through. This does not mean I stand around awkwardly in social situations. Or that I do nothing but read books and dare I say, spend too much time behind my beloved computer ;-) It is however important to find the balance especially as like most of us I need to earn a living in the ‘outside world’. I also have children that would like me to interact with them. At the same token unlike an extrovert; big parties, constant people and social interactions around me, although fun, leave me very tired. And having regular time to be alone is recharging and very important to me, irrespective of other obligations like; motherhood and job requirements. Getting this card in a reading reinforces these things to me, and allow me to check in on how much or little time I spend alone.

How is the card represented in other Tarot decks?

This card is fairly similar across decks. There might be a difference in the way the Hermit goes about his enlightening journey. He might enjoy it, be very serious orconcerned with his undertaking. Alternatively, he might just ‘be’ - something that we in the western world are learning to focus on a bit more.

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