Tarot story 2

Making a so called Tarot story, is a great way to work with the Tarot cards, to explore their meanings and to relate them to something tangible and to something you know. You can create stories based on everyday life and major turning points in your life. You can however also make stories up, or work with significant events in the press or in the history of the world. The opportunities when creating Tarot stories are endless.

Going to school

My little girl has finished her first week of kindergarten. You might have read the story of how we changed schools at the last minute and had quite a bit of excitement. This week was a massive change of for everyone in our family. Our first child is growing up.

The logistics of school were something we had a good handle on this week with; pre-prepared lunches, school uniforms ready and pressed and not to mention the walk, cycle or car to school (this transport thing we need to focus on a little more).

The first card in this Tarot story

The week can be shown in a Tarot card as the 8 of Pentacles. Slowly steadily working hard and diligently isn’t that what school is all about. It is not about a crash course but more about what you learn, how you grow and evolve over time.

The second card in this Tarot story

For me it was a time to reflect and see what I have coming up. There is still one munchkin at home but if you are used to multiples, one is pretty good, plus he still goes for a nap from time to time. What is this year of more freedom going to bring me? This can be symbolised by the 3 of Wands a solid foundation with an opportunity for growth and watching ships come in from a long journey. Being mainly at home for 5 years with small children is a loooonnnnnggggg journey ;-)

The third and final card in this Tarot story

Lastly although this process is quite positive it is also a strong period of change and transition and what card represents this better than the death card? The Death card is in the middle of the Major Arcana meaning it is far from the end. It simply means that something has to end to make room for something new. Normally it is a natural progression as it is in this case my girl is school aged therefor we must start to create more of our own lives (even though it is a bit sad it is a natural important part of normal life).

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