Our first Tarot story

Our first Tarot story started with a Tower event.

Just over two months ago I wrote in the blog how we had a ‘Tower event’. We had our head set on one particular type of schooling for our daughter and at the last minute we had a complete change of heart. This meant that I had to find a new school in one of the last days of the actual school year. Signing up for a new school was done by most parents months ago.

You can read the blog post about this Tower event.

What happened next in this Tarot story?

Normally I am a very organised person, so it was quite interesting for me to run around a number of schools seeing what we liked and if we could still join. I had not done any research as we had our mind so firmly set on one particular method of schooling before.

In the last few days of the school year we saw a number of schools but I only liked one. They told us there was no way we would get into the school as there was already a 60 people waiting list. We spoke to the principle told about our predicament (which was completely self-inflicted the only thing was we did not see the tower event and the change of heart coming) and by a miracle got into this fantastic school.

This can be symbolised by the Judgement card. It really felt like divine intervention that at the last minute we ended up where we were supposed to be. This is what Tarot encourages listening to your gut feeling, even if it doesn’t make sense. I believe this is similar to a relationship with a higher power above. It doesn’t tell you what to do it, gives you whispers at first and tower events if you are on the wrong way. Then as if by a miracle other doors open, the only thing you have to do is be open to these messages where ever and however they appear in your life.

Fast forward – the end of this Tarot story

Our little girl started school. She has been a shy child in Pre-school which was a reason for concern sometimes, some naughty children weren’t always nice to her (it is always easy to pick on the quite one). In the first days of school, we have seen a complete transformation in her behaviour and attitude to school she is happy, singing and wanting to go to school all the time. She just told us about her loud voice at school and it appears she has left her shy self at the other school. For her at the moment school is a celebration and a place where she feels at ease. You could symbolise this by the three of Cups.

Summary of this Tarot story

Besides being a fun Tarot story to tell and show with only a few cards. What I also want to highlight is that having a darker/ scarier or more powerful card like the Tower in your life is not always a bad thing. It might be the event required to steer your life on another direction, one you are mend to be on but you didn’t read the earlier signs.

I love these Tarot stories as it gives colour and visual meaning to some of our life events. We will create a Tarot stories series over time stay tuned for more…..

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