Tarot Card meaning for the Strength card

In the Strength card, we see a lady holding a lion in a firm, yet gentle grip. She is in charge, having mental control over the lion, despite being physically weaker. This card refers to our inner resources and what we can achieve using these.

As a day card

You have a tremendous inner strength, or perhaps an opportunity to show this. Just like the lady in the card, you are (or can be) calm, centered and in charge. Are you aware of this?
Reversely, are your inner resources being suppressed by someone or something that is much less powerful than you are?
Take note of how these things play out today.

Negative or Reversed meanings for this card 

Not being aware at how strong we really are. Or not being aware that we are suppressed in our lives and interactions.

How could this card present itself in real life?

In the first Tarot course I ever gave I had a student in my class that drew the Strength card. She was flustered and could not relate to the card at all. So I asked her who she was on the card; the woman or the Lion? This really shook her up. She looked at me and said; ‘I am the Lion’. It then allowed her to make decisions about this situation. Who was the other person? Why did they hold her so firmly, like the Lion in this card?

It sometimes only takes one image to really shake up the way we view ourselves and the world. One Tarot card, can give us that mirror image that the Tarot cards are able to give us so quickly, so frank and to the point.

How Strength is represented in other tarot decks

Often the card is represented by a woman and a lion. Sometimes the suppression aspect of the Lion is not that strongly present. The two figures on the card appear in those cases more like friends than foes working on a more equal footing.

Note: The original position of the this card was on number 11 were the Justice card resides in the Rider Waite deck. The author of the Rider-Waite deck; Edward Arthur Waite, disagreed with the original position and swopped these two cards. Other decks might have the original order; first Justice and then this card.

I often use the Journey of the fool to describe what is happening in the cards of the Major Arcana and therefor I agree with Edward Waite. This order makes more sense. You have to see what your opinion about this is. This might also be influenced by the deck you use as well.

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