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This week
we are doing a Free Tarot reading for Steve

Steve wants to know if this is the right time to start his Master’s Degree.
Our brief
The topic: Starting my Master’s degree
People involved: me, work and partner
Question: Should I start my Master’s degree this year or hold off?

The layout out
for this Free three card Tarot reading

Steve has two questions in the one asking if he should start his Master’s degree (question 1) or hold off (question 2).

We need to reflect the two different parts of this question in the layout.

The Cards that were drawn

As with last week’s example, this free three card Tarot reading layout, allows for a comparison between what has been done and what is suggested.

When we look at the snap shot of the cards we can see, that we have two major Arcana cards and one court card. It is therefore not a very balanced reading as we are dealing with two big influences and a court card trying to deal with it all.

The interpretation of this
Free three card Tarot reading

The Topic

The Wheel of Fortune is a representation for the wheel of life what happens, happens, is the philosophy. You have to accept the wheel of life as irrespective whether you like it or not, you are on it. In regards to studying, it shows us four figures with books learning things about life in all its different facets.

The card for starting the degree

The Moon is indicative of a journey in the dark, sometimes it is a bit frightening but it is always worthwhile. This is indicated through the pathway shown in the Moon card. We come to the end of this pathway, with more experience and often having overcome some of our fears or challenges in life.
In regards to study I would prompt Steve to think about what fear or concern might hold him back from starting his Masters. When we add the fact that he asked this question, we get the impression he is not 100% sure either about starting his Masters now or about the topic his Masters is delving into.

The card for not yet starting the degree

The Knight of Swords is full of (mental) energy, eager, fast and able to do many things (fast!) This is a great card for study provided he uses his energy wisely and directs this energy to the right place.
Having the Knight of Swords move towards the left which is indicative of the past he is not moving forward. In this reading, it means that he is facing the Wheel of Fortune. This card was representative of the ebbs and flows of life, things happen when they happen.

Free three card Tarot reading summary

It appears that this reading is actually suggesting that Steve might hold off on his Masters for the moment. See how careful I state this? It will completely be Steve’s own decision on the end of the day. What these cards suggest is that there is some unfinished business in the present situation he might want to work through.
He might want to clarify if he has enough time, energy and focus for the Masters as well as if the Masters degree of his choice is really in the area he wants to study further.

As intuitive readers we do not predict the future we interpret the cards based on our knowledge of the cards and their position. Steve then needs to add his knowledge of himself, his situation and now this reading. Therefor Steven needs to make the final decision about whether or not he will start his Master’s now. A Tarot reading should never take away the decision making power as we always have our free will. None-the-less, this reading definitely gives us fuel for thought.

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