Tarot Card meaning for the Death Card

In the Death card, we see the symbolic figure of Death is depicted on this card riding a white horse and carrying a flag with a white rose on it. The process the card stands for, is a natural ending, it would rarely if ever indicate physical death, more a psychological ending. We view the Death card and the process of change it represents in different ways. This in turn determines how we individually experience this card.

The Death card as a day card

Today something is coming to its natural end – you have seen it coming and it is a natural progression - it could be a project, a habit or a thinking pattern.  Can you relate this to anything in your life? In most cases, the reason for this natural ending is to make room for the new. The horizon is already showing a new dawn, with many new possibilities.

Negative or Reversed meaning for the Death card

Irrespective how you view this card it indicates changes and with any changes come endings. If you accept change and the process of letting go, this card would be a confirmation of a process you go through. If you resist change you are like the priest in this card wanting things to remain as is but life cannot function without continuous change. Change brings us rebirth and with that new aspects of ourselves and of life as it unfolds.

How this card could present itself in real life

Years ago this card came up for me again and again. I was in a relationship, that really had run its course, but sometimes we still like to hold on. The Tarot is pretty patient in this regards, it will just deal you the same or similar cards over and over until you have learned from this card or process and you are moving on. Once this relationship finally ended, so did the Tarot reminders in the form of this card that the relationship had served its purpose and now it was time to move on.

How this card is represented in other tarot decks

This card is very differently portrait in different decks and could therefor influence your choice of decks to a certain extend. The Rider Waite card is somewhere in the middle with its graphics with other decks having a skeleton with an axe chopping of things. I think such an image, makes the card violent, which is absolutely not required to make the message of this card shine through.

Other decks on the other hand, like the Robin Wood show a red hooded cloaked person. We don’t know who it is where it is going but there is something there – if nothing else he / she is the bringer of change. Another beautiful representation of the Death card is in the Celtic Dragon Tarot where a Dragon is shedding its old skin which they call transformation - what a beautiful metaphor.

If you have multiple decks, why not have a look at how this card is represented amongst your different decks.

Note: Do not be scared off by this card. Doing readings on an intuitive basis means we will not see Death as something about to happen to us or the people around us - we apply it more as a psychological card rather than a psychical one and we will NOT make predictions.

If you still have any concerns or questions about this card please do not hesitate to contact me.

Make sure to also read the information on this page and watch the video. It is about the Death card in the (not really-) ‘scary Tarot cards’ series.

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