Tarot Card meaning for Temperance

In the Temperance Tarot card, we see an angel with two cups in her hand, one foot in the water, the other foot on land. The fool has experienced allot already and is now able to rest at Temperance, before continuing the remainder of the journey, when he or she is ready. The card shows us that we can or should rest and recoup before we continue. We have here an opportunity to find the balance between the inner and outer world. This is indicated by her foot on the land and her other foo on the water, as well as the pouring of water between the two cups.

The Temperance as a day card

Today is a time to rest and rebalance ourselves so that we can focus on the rest of the journey. How do you feel about this? What have you completed, and do you know what lies ahead? This card tends to signal a pleasant and comfortable stage in life – just be aware of becoming stagnant.

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

Being ignorant for the need to ‘be’ and take in the less tangible things of life and its processes. It could highlight that we are impatient and want to continue the journey rather than ‘live it’.

How this card could present itself in real life

We might be at a cross road, a point where we need to just be and take stock of the journey so far. Where have we come from and where are we going? In my own life this card has been a bit less tangible but I could relate it to the years I had at home with the children with very little or no work. At the time it felt like life was on hold. I could see the road ahead, a career, more income in the future but things weren’t happening (turns out being at home with two little ones is quite a task).

Now I have since moved on and can see that the time with the Temperance was a time to build on some additional skills to have a more solid foundation coming from within before ‘rushing’ to continue the journey. Although at the time I did not fully enjoy being with the Temperance all the time, looking back it was a magical time I am grateful for having experienced.

In more everyday terms when I get this card now, it means that I have some time to think regroup this could be an afternoon, a day or a weekend. If the card indicates a more negative meaning in my everyday life now it indicates that I should rest and recoup but for a range of different reasons don’t do.

How this card is represented in other tarot decks

Often the card is shown as a person that is balancing between land and water. It shows some elements of spirituality – spiritual energy. When you move away from the more standard decks, this card can be interpreted very different. In the Celtic Dragon Tarot for example are three dragons intertwined in this dance of balance and change on a more profound spiritual level. In the Voyager deck the card shows us Temperance as an art form - tangible yet not tangible. It shows us hands that hold water (but for how long?), an open flower and a bird taking flight. Its explanation talks about the artist of life having a fine balance between be ambitious yet patient.

All in all a very fascinating card one to compare and contrast amongst your different decks and to really delve into to understand what it is trying to tell you.

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