Tarot Card meaning for the Sun

In the Sun card, we see a young child on a horse. Behind him are beautiful open flowers. This whole card shows us the elements of joy, openness and youthful excitement which the Fool finds once again in this card as we are nearing the end of the Major Arcana. The flipside of this card, would be, wanting to be here, in which case there is an element of wishful thinking.

The Sun as a day card

How can you be open, childlike and joyous today? How can you embrace the day like the child in this card?
If your day is not going too well, think about what you can do to change things, so you are more in line with this card - it could simply be accepting that after rain there will be sunshine.

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

Sometimes we just want to hear things will be great, we will meet the love of our live and be happily ever after. If you get a reading from an intuitive Tarot reader, it is unlikely you will ever get an explanation like that. But it can regularly be a hope for life to be perfect whilst at the time we have other lessons to learn that in the long run are much more valuable to experience rather than having only sunny days on the menu.

How this card could present itself in real life

For me that would the days in a holiday were it is warm, were you do not have to think about anything; like dinner, like what to do and when to be somewhere specific. The days that the kids play in the pool until they collapse of tiredness and you go back to your clean hotel room, to have yet another day like this tomorrow………

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

In most decks it prominently shows us a Sun, it shows a lightness and brightness through its colours. In the Rider Waite this lightness is emphasized by the child being on a horse and in for example the Crowley deck we can see figures dancing with the all the signs of the zodiac around them indicating a near completion or a start of something new and exciting.

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