Tarot Card meaning for the Judgement

In Judgement, we see an angel with a trumpet and three people standing up, as if recently liberated from the last restrictions that held them back. This whole process will either liberate the Fool or keep him confined in a box. It might also move us to think about being our authentic selves. How and when are we truly being ourselves without the fear of other people’s opinions?

Judgement as a day card

Today, take a look at what confines you in your life. Perhaps there is a last restriction holding you back, that once removed, can make you feel liberated and free. This does not have to be something in the physical world, it could be something in your thoughts and believe systems.
If we are looking at the card from a different angle, we can question what the Angel represents for you in this card and with whom you identify in this card.

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

A negative meaning for this card would be, to be after all the experiences of the Major Arcana still boxed in by authority, by rules and regulations or most likely by our own views of what we can and cannot do in life. We could have this wishful thinking again (similarly to other cards) in this case, to be freed and liberated by an external force. Whilst it is more likely, that only we, can truly liberate ourselves.

How this card could present itself in real life

The judgement could be the times that we are publicly acknowledged for our contributions and achievements related to projects, people’s lives and our society as a whole. The times that we stand up and be counted for who we are and what we have done. Recently my daughter was called to the front of the school to get her merit card for being a great artist. I would say that is a good example of the process this card embodies, as she was acknowledged for her abilities and creativity.

How this card is represented in other tarot decks

This card has a lot of variations across decks, with an emphasis on going to the next level of being (which can very well be on a psychological level not a physical level). In the Robin Wood deck we see a woman as a phoenix rising. In the Celtic Dragon Tarot, we see an elderly person in their final day, a day in which, we could make some sort of judgement of the life we have lived.
Have a look at your deck. What is this card telling you?

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