Tarot Card meaning for the Moon

We see the Moon and a path that moves far into the horizon. It appears we are meant to walk this path but in the Rider Waite deck, there are also three creatures standing around this path. What are these creatures doing? Are they helping, hindering or challenging us to go past new people, places and experiences. This card often indicates a fear of the unknown, but can give us a wealth of experience if we travel on its path.

The Moon as a day card

This card could mean that you may be walking partly in the dark or that you are unsure, fearful of taking this next step. It is a normal part of any journey not every day and each part of the way can be rainbows and sunshine. The experience of this card is a reward in itself and some nights with full moons give us great times to; think, reminisce and be with this beautiful feature of nature.

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

The card could indicate stagnation and a not knowing where to go -, what to do next.  Even though our overall aim is clear, we might be frozen in our tracks not sure where our goals are at the moment. We might possibly not even be sure if we want to continue on this path anyway.
Another way of looking at this card is, that there might be something fearful you need to face, hence it is symbolised with a night and being in the darkness. Remember that journeys through the dark or difficult times in life, often give us a wealth of insights, confidence and experiences. The Moon clearly shows the path we are on, so we can use this to remind ourselves why we are on this path and what we would like to achieve.

How this card could present itself in real life

In my life I think I have faced the Moon when going through operations. You have to go on the journey but don’t know how things will be, how you will feel and how long recovery will take. In the handful of operations I have had, it always turned out perfectly fine, but the whole experience is and remains an event that is really inline with this card for me.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

Most often it is represented as a beautiful card that shows the stillness, spaciousness, uncertainty and emptiness of moonlight nights. This is often a reflection of our mental stage at the time we draw this card. There are almost always creatures in the card and often hills in the background indicating we are overcoming something challenging.

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