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There currently is a debate about whether computer generated Tarot readings are beneficial? We offer card-a-day readings which are internet based and these can be very beneficial. However, I believe nothing can compete with a Professional Tarot reader.

Tarot is like a language a computer can translate words but not a complete language with double meanings, emotions, customs and belief systems.

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This week we are doing a
free three card tarot reading for Lisa

Lisa has a very interesting topic; she needs to earn more money.

Our brief

The topic: Earning more money
People involved: me, children, husband.
Question: How can I earn more money?

The layout out for this tarot reading

The way Lisa has phrased the question is really good she keeps it open saying how can I earn more money rather than will I earn more money (which forces a yes or no answer).

We can assume that in order to get more money, both Lisa’s thoughts and behaviours have to change. So in order to create a good answer for her I decided to create this layout:

This free three card tarot reading layout, allows for a comparison between what has been done and what is suggested.

The Cards that were drawn

These are the cards drawn for Lisa free three card Tarot reading.

When we look at the snap shot of the cards we can see, all the cards are minor arcana cards (this however does not mean we are dealing with a minor issue). Two of them are court cards and one is an Ace. The suits are very balanced – we have three different suits.

The interpretation


We see a Page which is a younger type of person (either with experience or they are in a new phase of life – it does not relate to actual age that often).  It is also a Cup so we see a person that is emotional in regards to the topic money. The card is also reversed so she is likely confused, sad to ‘have to’ go to work (or do more work) or she doesn’t mind the work but she does have children and a husband who will be seeing her less.

What she has been doing

This card is pretty clear, it shows a Pentacle, which is not always a symbol for money but in this case it most likely is. The Page is looking at his Pentacle what would he do if…… I would assume that Lisa has spent a significant amount of time thinking about the idea; when I have money then I’ll…..

What the Tarot suggests she does

The Ace of Swords gives her an opportunity to think and act clearly, to take control and to leave the somewhat hesitant Pages behind her. It is time to ‘grow up’, to get out and earn some more money. This will however only happen after she has made decisions and when she has got a clear plan of what she wants to achieve.
We also don’t want to disregard the Pages completely and urge Lisa to keep in mind that she needs to feel reasonably okay about how much work and what work she will do to earn the extra income. She also needs to keep her vision of what she will do with the money in her mind (as indicated by the Page of Pentacles). 

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