Tarot card meaning for the World

In the World card, we see a dancer in the middle of a circle, she is dancing. She dances in celebration of something that has been completed (as she is the last card of the Major Arcana and thus the end card for the Journey of the Fool). The figures in the corners have grown up and have learned their lessons. The Fool has completed his journey, and will now start it all over again.

This card as a day card

Today, do you feel a sense of completion, or of wanting to complete something? The World is the last card in the Minor Arcana. The circle has completed itself, in order to be able to begin once again.
We can ask ourselves the following questions: What has been completed, or what would you like to complete? How does this process make you feel?

Negative or Reversed meaning for the World

We might know where we would like to be or how we would like to complete something but we are not there yet. There are still lessons to learn and different parts of the road to travel.

How the World could present itself in real life

This card is a great example of completing studies. I can relate this to the time I graduated from my undergraduate degree. It is the end of an extensive journey, a journey that means you will now never again, be the same person you were before you started. Something has changed dramatically in your life and in the world card this change is often celebrated and welcomed.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

There is often a circular symbology in this card showing that something is ending and starting simultaneously. In a lot of the decks there is quite a few things going on in terms of a range of different figures and actions take place, showing that we have now reached a point where we can and are required to deal with multiple things at any one time.

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