Tarot Card meaning for the Six of Pentacles

In the Six of Pentacles, we see one man with two scales carefully weighing what he gives away to the two people begging before him. Who are we in this card? If we are the man with the scales, it may be a physically or emotionally smart move to weigh what is given, but if it is too measured, it may lose its meaning.
On the other hand, if we are the people begging how do we feel about this approach?

The Six of Pentacles as a day card

Today there might be a balanced giving or receiving depending who you associate with in this card. Who can you most relate to in this card? Why? What is given or received? Is what is given genuine, or is it too measured?

Negative or reversed meaning for this card

If we interpret this card negatively we hone in on the power imbalance in this card and possibly on an element of forced giving and receiving.

How this card could present itself in real life

There are two examples for the Six of Pentacles in my own life. I get regularly invited to special dinners that try to collect money for good causes and to me this often feels very forced. Under the guise of having a nice dinner, getting raffle tickets and trying to win at actions (which are all very selfish pursuits) others are trying to get as much money out of us as possible for the latest good cause. Although some of the intentions are good, I wonder how much of the money that is donated actually goes to the good cause. I also wonder if people are giving from the goodness of their heart or feel forced to donate money to a cause that is not close to their heart.

On the flip side, if we look at giving and receiving I have received some wonderful gifts from others in my life. It could have been money, someone else’s time or their expert advice. This has been given not out of a sense of obligation but out of the goodness of their heart. They never gave me all they had which is good because this way they continue to be able to give of themselves in times to come.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

In the Celtic Dragon Tarot we see an old man walking towards the dragon who holds all the pentacles in his hand. It looks like if the old man is only willing to go up to the dragon. The dragon will provide all the pentacles he has.

In the Crowley Tarot this card is called success. We have all our Pentacles nicely aligned and the energy of this suit is flowing freely.

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