Tarot Card meaning for the Five of Pentacles

In the Five of Pentacles, we see two figures that appear downtrodden and out of luck. Behind them is a bright church window indicating that hope, warmth and value are just around the corner. That is provided the figures see the window and what it represents. How and when the figures will move on from this situation is up to them; they will need to look up, see the opportunities that are there and act on them.

The Five of Pentacles as a day card

Today we might feel left out in the cold and unable to find our way back into a place of comfort. Or maybe we can see this in others around us. What happened to us and/or these others that lead us into this situation? Can you see the beautiful church window behind the figures on the card? It shows us that there is a place with food and shelter (this could also relate to psychological needs), but we have to be able to see it and go inside. How could we do this and move out of the cold?

Negative or reversed meaning for this card

As the basic meaning for this Tarot card is relatively negative when the card is reversed we can suggest that we might have gone through a challenging time but we have come out the other side. It might also mean that we can see and emphasize with people that are having a hard time. What can we do to help them? If the Five of Pentacles, is reversed and our life is not like the image on this card it might indicate that we are fearful losing what we have and being left in the cold on the street.

How this card could present itself in real life

Personally, we have gone through difficult times financially, soldering on everyday hoping that one day we will get out of it. Although now things are different you do not forget that time and part of you will always be a bit worried that you might be left in the cold again one day. What the Five of Pentacles however also suggest is that we can work towards creating some earthy comforts and stability if we work smart with the valuable things that we have (this could be a steady income or creating some savings or investments).

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

Where the Rider Waite shows us two figures that are together in the same situation, the Celtic Dragon Tarot shows us two figures just after an argument.  Our valuable coins are broken and now on top of all this we are left all alone.

In the Crowley Tarot we see that the card indicates that the energy from the pentacles is not used beneficial. The card is called worry and shows that the stability and solidness of this suit is not used in the best way and we are draining or energy and possibly our resources.

At first looking at the image on the Osho Zen deck and the name of this card the outsider I thought this deck had also a negative interpretation of the card. This is however incorrect. The card shows a small child in front of a closed gate. The gate is when we look closely not locked. This means we can open the gate feel not like an outsider or a small child anymore and continue on our journey.

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