Tarot Card meaning for the Four of Wands

In the Four of Wands, we see a couple on a stage cheering in celebration between four Wands. There is a sense of achievement, celebration and stability in this picture, or of wanting to have this but not being quite there yet.

The Four of Wands as a day card

Today we might celebrate an achievement, a sense of stability or someone else’s success on these fronts.  What is it? What have you got to celebrate?
Alternatively, we may wish for these things in our lives. How can we create more success and stability in our lives?

Negative or reversed meaning for this card

As regularly happens when a positive card is interpreted negatively we see that this image might be a dream. We would like to live happily ever after but we might not be there yet. Think about the thousands of movies out there. If they just all lived happily ever after, then there would be no stories to tell, no trials and tribulations to overcome and the ending wouldn’t be half as sweet.

How this card could present itself in real life

This card could indicate a fairy tale wedding that we have the pleasure of attend. In my own life the Four of Wands, indicates the times that everyone in my family is happy and healthy with the things they are doing. The kids are happy at school and at home. My husband and I are comfortable doing our jobs outside the home. Inside the house is nice and tidy (one of my big aims). For me it shows a time of stability which strongly aligns with the number four as this is a very stable number. It doesn’t show a grand feast or wedding, but more the everyday pleasures when all is well with the world and we grow and develop in our day to day lives.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

In the Crowley Tarot we see this element of completion, of things being nicely aligned and ticking over. It is a simple but powerful card.

The number four has a very strong structure to it, we can see this in the Celtic Dragon Tarot where a dragon is placed high up in a castle like structure. It gives a sense of authority and stability.

In the Osho Zen this card is represented as a Mandela and is called participation. It indicates that we are working as part of a larger group learning and growing from the different gifts that we and others have to offer the group.

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