Tarot Card meaning for the Magician

The Magician is standing tall in front of a table with all four elements of the Minor Arcana displayed on it. Are you aware of the potential of these elements in front of you? This card is number 1 the first person we meet in the Tarot deck and the journey of the Fool.
He is a teacher, a master of the elements. There is so much of potential in front of him. He has amazing abilities, as long as he becomes aware of it and realizes he is a master in his own right.

The posture of his arms is showing a bridge between ‘heaven and earth’ or a bridge between the spiritual and the practical. Both the sign above his head and the snake around his waist are symbols of infinity. It is a never ending quest for more knowledge and understanding of the world we live in.

The Magician as a day card

We see him standing behind a table. In front of him are all the suits of the minor Arcana, this makes him the master of the elements. He has enough skills to tackle what comes his way, and he is ready to continue the journey of the Fool. If the Magician becomes stagnant, we need to make him aware that he has the skills and abilities to achieve great things in life. Are you acting like the figure is this card today? Should you stand up and be counted as the expert and the Magic person you truly are?

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

  • Not using all of your potential.
  • We could possibly be using our skills for bad or ethically incorrect practices.
  • Not being aligned and balanced between the two atmospheres of being.

How this card can represent itself in real life

Years ago when I signed up to run a beginners Tarot course first I became quite nervous getting closer to the date and I was hoping the course would be cancelled. This did not happen I had 8 students sign up which is quite a few for community colleges (especially because they decided to run such a ‘risky’ course like Tarot card reading ;-) Before I had to go out and deliver my course I drew the Magician and the Hierophant. The Magician was stating that I had all the skills I needed to succeed in teaching the course. I was a competent and confident public speaker and had learned how to put courses together, not to mention I knew my topic well. All of these were skills required to be a good teacher. Drawing this card in the reading emphasized acknowledging those skills which helped ease the nerves.

Questions to ask yourself with this Tarot Card

Are you aware that you have everything you need at your fingertips?
Do you realize that you are the master of your day? Are you taking action today? If not, why?
Do you control your day, your time, money and thoughts or is it someone else? If it is the later, we might need to question who the master is then.

How is the‘teacher’ is represented in other decks

He is mostly shown as a man with a dress that is indicative of importance and significance. The symbols of the Minor Arcana are always displayed near to him. His approach to teaching might be shown in different ways. His likely personality and / or focus (which would be in line with the particular deck) can change from deck to deck. An example is the Magician from the Robin Wood deck seems more approachable and ‘earthy’ than in the Rider-Waite simply because the focus (or theme) of the Robin Wood deck is different.

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