Tarot Card meaning for the Fool

This card shows us a young man. His posture is positive and open to the world, he is about to embark upon the the journey of life. We do not know where this journey will take him, nor do we know if his approach is suitable - only the context of a reading would give us clues on this. All we know is that we are all the fool at certain stages of our lives.

The Fool as a day card

Today you might be starting something new. There are different ways of approaching this. You could be taking brave new steps into a future unknown. Or there is a chance some actions are somewhat foolish and could have serious repercussions (as we don’t know if he is walking off the cliff as shown on the card).

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

One the one hand the person on this card is carefree, blissfully unaware of what dangers lie ahead. This could be a good approach but it could also be careless and silly. The card could also urge us to do more homework before we launch straight into something, as we might make a fool out of ourselves or make preventable mistakes.

How this card could present itself in real life

When you draw this card it could be that you or the client is taking on something new. A situation were clearly you will not know what will be around the corner. It could mean someone is; moving, taking a leap of faith, starting a new job, or generally approaching a situation in a carefree and open manner.

An example of this card in my own life is probably parenthood - you have no idea what you get yourself into! In all fairness it is a real journey and an enjoyable one (most of the time ;-).

Questions to ask yourself with this Tarot card

  • Am I acting like the figure in this card?
  • Should I act more like this card?
  • What are the benefits of acting like this card?
  • What could be the negatives of taking this advise to heart?
  • How does this posture feel like?
  • What are details that strike me in this card? What could they mean?

The 'joker' card represented in other tarot decks

The Fool is almost always dressed in a clown like outfit. In the Rider-Waite deck his outfit is of Middle Age appearance. In the more recent decks this card has some amazing modern, colourful outfits. Throughout different decks, he is a troubadour, the harlequin of the court. This card is also the only Major Arcana card that lives in a deck of normal playing cards – normally as the joker.

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