Tarot Card meaning for the Lovers

The main interpretation of the Lovers card is unlike its name suggests; decision making. In the Rider-Waite image, we see the Christian depiction of Adam and Eve on the cusp of making a decision. This card relates to a decision of the heart made by the person who the card is meant for. As with any decision, only time can tell whether it was a wise choice.

This card is also quite striking in terms of a developmental mile stone, which we will get throughout our lives. This card indicates it is time to start making judgments on our own beliefs, values and inner voice. When all taken into account we can come to our own conclusions, which we can then apply in our own lives.

The Lovers as a day card

The main interpretation of this card is making a decision, and this connects to a decision of the heart which is being made by the person this card is meant for. What decisions of the heart have you made today? Have you listened more to your head or heart today? Why?

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

We know we have to make a decision, but find it hard to do so. Sometimes we avoid making decisions and end up being in limbo for an extensive time. This card urges us to listen to our gut feelings even if they do not make sense.

How could this card present itself in real life?

The lovers could indicate a love relationship, it is however much more than that.
An example of my own life, is my backpacking adventure. I left Europe – the Netherlands for Australia when I was 18 years old, by myself! It really did not make much sense logically to go for a year-long holiday at that age but that is what I wanted to do. That year, was a year of travelling, seeing the continent and having the best year of my life so far. I also flew back engaged to an Australian and we have been happily married for many years now.

The main reason that the lovers card relates to that year travelling however, was that I left for Australia, with the ‘wish’ for adventure and excitement. On the end of the year, I had more than I envisaged but that happens when we follow our heart towards the things we want to do.

How this card is represented in other tarot decks

This card has quite a bit of variation across the decks. I really like the image of the Marseille deck where a young man has to choose between his mother (instead of the angel) and young lover. It both hones into the hearts decision making of this card as well as a significant developmental stage where he has to start to think for himself.

In the Crowley deck we can still see an angel type of figure on the background but it shows a dark and light partnership. This indicates that differences can meet in the middle and we can make our own decisions away from the norm and what we have grown accustomed to in our upbringing. In this deck the imagery extends the main concept of the card teaching you to; read between the lines or images in the case of Tarot cards.

In short it is a fascinating card and it is well worth having a look across different Tarot decks for this card.

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