Tarot Card meaning for the Hierophant

We see the card known as the Hierophant. He appears to be a priest with his two disciples below him/at his feet. This card represents spirituality, which could include religion (any religion) and/or higher-level (spiritual) thinking. It is strongly linked to our believe systems. What do we believe about the world around us and how it works? It can be quite a strong card when we delve deeper into it.

As there are several figures on this card, who appear to do different things. The Priest is obviously giving wisdom and the disciples are learning from him. The card therefor, also illustrates learning and possibly teaching or studying.

The Hierophant as a day card

Is there a higher purpose or a spiritual theme to your day? Have you found yourself questioning some of your beliefs? Reversely, do you apply rules because you have been taught that this is right and you “should” believe it to be so? Perhaps it is time to question these rules and beliefs.

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

Maybe we have just accepted certain beliefs and customs as given facts without questioning or even being aware that we have these beliefs about ourselves, the world and our own lives. The next question can then be are these beliefs hindering or helping me? If they are restricting beliefs what can and will we do to counteract their power?

How the Hierophant could present itself in real life

Several years ago when I was due to teach my first Tarot class I got very nervous closer to the date hoping that it might all fall through. There were however; 8 students signed up so the course was going ahead. I drew a few cards close to the date I started the course; the Magician and this card, were two cards in that reading. The Hierophant basically stated that I believe in what I do (the benefits of Tarot in ones lives) and that I should trust in my abilities that things will be turning out. There is after all no better teacher than a teacher convinced of the value of the material which they teach.

How this card is represented in other tarot decks

This card is often shown as a man and a religious - more often than not Christian – figure head. As you are now aware of through the information provided above; the card could be represented in many other forms and as many other spiritual guides. This card, nor the Tarot is linked with any particular religion it is more a tool for (spiritual) insight.

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