Tarot Card meaning for the Two of Swords

In the Two of Swords, we see a woman sitting on a bench, holding two Swords with crossed arms. Behind her there is water and a crescent moon. It appears she wants to be left alone to make a decision. This can be a process for which we need some time, but it can also warn us against avoiding - or becoming stagnant whilst, making decisions.

The Two of Swords as a day card

Today you might want to take some time out to find a balance between the intellect and the emotions within yourself: What does your mind say? What does your feeling say?

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

As mentioned above there is a tug of war between the intellect and the emotions in this card indicated by the Swords. The Swords represent the mind and the water behind the women stands for emotions. When this card is interpreted in a negative way me might not be sure what to listen to or we are trying to solve an emotional issue with the intellect, whereas we should really use both dimensions to come to a good solution.

How this card could present itself in real life

I could relate the Two of Swords, to the times, several years ago, that I worked in jobs which I really didn’t like that much and which weren’t a good fit for me. You know it when you do a job that is not right for you as it tires you out and there is this unconscious presence - the strong feeling (which are in this card represented by the water) that something is not right. With our intellect we can always rationalise why we do and stay in a job that we don’t like but at a gut level we know things aren’t right.

How the card is represented in other Tarot decks

In the Celtic Dragon Tarot the element of the Wands and Swords has been changed so when looking up the Two of Swords I find that it best relates to the Wands in which we see a figure with some dynamic energy and allot of inner strength.

For the Osho Zen Tarot we find this card represented in a totally different light, showing a duality when making decisions and a split in ourselves which we are trying to resolve.

So the overall idea of two different parts trying to work something out exists in several decks, but there are always many interpretations in the Tarot and the different decks.

Note: Especially with the Air element in the Tarot which is represented as a Sword card in the Rider Waite deck, there is a lot of ‘argument’ and there are several different ideas about weather Swords should represent Air and what else could be used. This leads us into a fairly advanced Tarot conversation - at this stage remember that Swords in the Rider Waite deck does not necessarily mean swords in another deck. Tarot creators could have changed Swords with Wands or replaced Swords with rainbows or crystals to name a few. This is not wrong or right it is another way of thinking about the different elements used in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot cards.

If you have multiple decks, it might be interesting to have a look at how the Swords are represented.

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