Tarot Card meaning for the Two of Pentacles

In the Two of Pentacles, we see a man rolling two Pentacles up and down on a rope. He seems to be very skilled and capable. However this card also contains an element of instability - the instability is shown in his stance - towards the constant juggling of the Pentacles. How can we make it easier on ourselves?

The Two of Pentacles as a day card

Today we might feel that we are juggling multiple things. What are two things you are juggling at the moment?
We might feel competent and confident or we might feel as if we have a constant overload of “balls” to keep in the air without respite. Which statement can you relate to most? If you find the juggling act hard at times, can you change anything to make it easier for you?

Negative or reversed meaning for this card

When we read the Two of Pentacles as a negative card we feel overwhelmed by keeping all balls in the air and we might feel like we can never take a rest from the continuous demands on us. Life is giving us wave after wave of things to deal with (see the waves in the background). Can we make it easier on ourselves? Could we share some of the burden, could someone replace us for a while or do we need to think about what would be the worst that could happen if the pentacles would fall down.

How this card could present itself in real life

Being a working mother with two young children this card is the embodiment for a very large group of people in society myself included. We have our job, children, drop offs, pick-ups, dinners to cook, laundry to wash and paperwork to deal with most likely all in the time span of an average working day. It is however important that sometimes we can rest and recharge, be it an afternoon or a weekend away. At this point in time my luxury is having the house to myself to work on my computer projects whilst the kids are at grandma’s. In future I would love to have a weekend away just to step out of this continuous cycle of tasks that have to be done.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

In the Crowley Tarot this card is called change as with the continuous movement of this card, we do find that things continuously change.

In the Celtic Dragon Tarot similarly to the Robin Wood Tarot we find the main figure in the card balancing whilst still keeping to Pentacles one in each hand. These cards show that we are dealing with a challenging situation and that there are repercussions if we fall but we can handle the challenge if we concentrate and pay attention.

In the Osho Zen this card is not taken as seriously. It is called moment to moment and shows we can simply just move from one spot to the next. The figure is much more playful and there is room for error as we can simply get up and continue on our merry way.

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