Tarot Card meaning for the Two of Cups

In the Two of Cups, we see two people moving towards each other, each holding a cup. This card symbolises a slow opening up of emotions towards each other or within us. It could also suggest wishful thinking and hoping that two sides will come together.

The Two of Cups as a day card

This card shows a friendly meeting between two (this could even be two sides of yourself). They are both equal and meet each other on an even playing field. Who are these people? And / or what are the two sides to this story?

Negative or reversed meaning for this card

For the beginning Tarot reader this card often means love or the beginning of a relationship. This might be the case, but if you are an intuitive Tarot reader. I would not explain this card that way, as it makes predictions about the future. Instead, it is two sides coming together. In regards to a negative or reversed meaning, we might want to get closer to another person but they might not be interested or it turns out to be allot harder than we originally thought, to get to opposites to join forces.

How this card could present itself in real life

Any long term relationship has an element of giving and taking in it and an element of coming together to create something better than two individuals could do by themselves. In my own life this could relate to a disagreement I have had with one of my friends many years ago. Afterwards we both apologized and have remained better friends for years to come (we are still friends now). All it takes is willingness from both parties to look at different or opposing views and accept them as they are. We cannot change others, only ourselves.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

In the Crowley Tarot this card is called love. It shows a beautiful intricate waterfall with cups and decorative fishes.

In the Celtic Dragon Tarot we see the Dragon poor water in the one cup which is shared by this couple, which I think is quite a nice gesture.

In the Voyager Tarot this card is called stability and begs the question if we can stably love someone or ourselves from a place of inner strength (this is shown in the image of the cactus).

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