Tarot Card meaning for the Tower

We see the Tower and two people being thrown out of this structure, during a sudden flash of light. Although this may come as a surprise and shake our foundations, it also gives us a wonderful opportunity to examine these foundations and start afresh. This card is depicted somewhat dark but a big shake up off events or plans in our lives doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. It could create an opportunity that would not have existed unless things were broken down before.

The Tower as a day card

Today there might be a sudden change in the thinking or viewing of the world around us. It is possible that an unexpected event throws our day off-kilter. What could this be?
How will you experience this event today, and what can you do to rebuild your tower on a more solid foundation for the future?
(This could be as simple as changing daily routines or keeping things handy for a future “tower event”)

Negative or Reversed meaning for this card

When the Tower is negative or reversed, it means that we have trouble coming to terms with somewhat sudden changes in our live or the way we think. Accepting that change takes time and although some parts might go faster than we want, in other parts we can take it slowly and rebuild something truly spectacular.

How the card could present itself in real life

There have been two Tower events that come to mind, one is being able to study at higher levels than I ever dreamed. This shook the foundations of my belief system, thinking I would remain educated at a level and work in industries similarly to what my family had done over several generations.

Another event was an unexpected promotion that really shook my day to day world and the way I perceived myself.

Both these examples are as you can see very positive even though I did feel the change.

How the Tower card is represented in other tarot decks

This is a very dynamic card presented in some powerful ways across different decks. The Rider Waite deck shows the card with a dark background were as the Crowley deck shows us a red very active card. Both decks do show this shift of old structures very well. Whereas, in the Celtic Dragon Tarot, the dragons, show strong activity, as we can see two powerful, possibly aggressive dragons walking around an old structure.

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