Tarot Card meaning for the Six of Wands

In the Six of Wands, we see a man being carried forwards on a horse. It appears he has conquered something and now has a level of superiority over those below him. This might be a well-deserved achievement and people around him should rightly look up to him.

The Six of Wands as a day card

Today there might be a sense of victory and of sharing this victory in public. What have you conquered?
Is it an honest victory or a shallow one? What do the people holding the wands stand for - are they helping or hindering? Are we the person on the horse or are we someone on the side?

Negative or reversed meaning for this card

The negative meaning for the Six of Wands could highlight that there has been an empty victory. That we feel somehow superior to others through our role or the things that we have done. There are several questions we can ask; why is this the case? Are the people below cheering him on, or do they disagree with him? How can the figure on the horse reconnect with the people below?

How this card could present itself in real life

Sometimes when people become higher educated or the get higher jobs within an organisation they get a bit stuck up themselves. My position at work is not incredibly high, but I do have my degree and am working on a Masters. I however think humility is a fantastic thing, just because you have a title or a piece of paper does not make you a better, smatter, nicer person than someone who did not get those opportunities.

I also think that irrespective of your job or your grades at school there is something everyone excels in. Most people you meet could teach you a lot about a particular skill or task they have mastered, or they might just teach you about life in general.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

In the Osho Zen deck this Card shows us success and the feeling of joy and happiness that it brings. It warns us though not to get too attached to this feeling and enjoy it for what it is, at this point in time.

In the Celtic Dragon Tarot this card is much more dynamic than in the Rider Waite. There is a young woman who appears to be thinking and interacting with a group of young dragons. Shining Wands full of potential are standing in a pot next to her.

In the Crowley Tarot this card is called victory, it is a simple but beautiful image, with a very strong and clear message.

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