Tarot Card meaning for the Six of Cups

In the Six of Cups, we see a young boy giving a cup and a flower to a young girl – it represents something heartfelt being given and received.
This card traditionally also stands for reminiscence. Is there anything that stirs our emotions in connection to memories from the past?

The Six of Cups as a day card

This card traditionally stands for reminiscence, how things used to be. Maybe we are encouraged to take a small trip back to memory lane.
There is also an element of giving and receiving in this card. Who are you in this card today? What is given or received?

Negative or reversed meaning for this card

The Six of Cups warns us against getting lost in the past or clinging to something that never was. Our memories can play tricks on us and we only remember the good bits of how things used to be. The less favourable memories are faded over time. Sometimes this card can also hint at childlike expectations from life as there are no adults on this image. 

How this card could present itself in real life

There was a spot, an amazing spot where I used to go to when I was younger. From there you could see the town where I grew up, it was a great vantage point. On that spot I used to dream of adventures in faraway places. I used to think of when I would make my escape from this little European town and where I would go. The irony is that when I now go back to the country I come from, I go back to that special spot and I look at the view. Only now, instead of thinking about faraway places I reminisce about the wonderful days, years and moments I stood on that very same spot dreaming of adventures in the future.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

Very much in line with the previous paragraph is the card in the Osho Zen deck that is called the dream, it highlights the illusions we have about love and life. Dreams can be enriching, they can also make us feel like our present day life is just not enough.
In the Celtic Dragon Tarot this card is like a fairy tale. We see two water dragons playing with two young children. It is in line with the Rider Waite and the element of reminiscence, the time when we still believed in fairy tales.

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