Tarot Card meaning for the Queen of Cups

In the Queen of Cups, we see a woman on an elaborate throne, her feet touching the water, and her dress becoming one with the sea. Unlike any other Cups in the deck, this Cup has a lid and two angels on the sides. On the one hand the Queen of Cups can be an emotive helper and healer. On the other hand, she may suffer from depression and could consequently be draining  other peoples energy.

The Queen of Cups as a day card

Today you or someone you know might be very sensitive and or very intuitive. This Queen is a good person to talk to about emotions and feelings. Who is this?
Reversely, the Queen can be too sensitive and a prisoner of her emotions, being prone to periodic depression.  If this is the case how can we help? Or how can we reduce the negative emotions?

Negative or reversed meaning for this card

As highlighted above there are two sides to this card one being a great sensitive and caring person. On the other side if we interpret this card negatively we get too caught up in our emotional world and can feel like we are drowning by our thoughts and worries.

How this card could present itself in real life

My Grandmother is a Queen like this. She has been very upbeat and joyful most of my childhood. She got very involved with us when we were growing up and was always looking forward to things. She did find changes in her surroundings and her family very hard to cope with and has found in the last couple of years that she is sometimes too much run by emotions. Nevertheless this is a great figure head to have as a grandma.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

The Queen is the second in charge for each suit in the Court cards. She is mature, comfortable and entrenched in her suit. As with other court cards it is not so much a gender based card, although the Queens will show a few more feminine traits, more so than the earlier court cards.

In the Crowley Tarot we find this beautiful figure with a Queen slightly further away from us than the other court cards. Her face is as if in a cloud or bubble. This card shows simultaneously the simplicity and the complexity of the person that embodies this queen.

In the Celtic Dragon Tarot we see a beautiful fairly young Queen on this card. Her cup is simple and it shows a bit less of the heaviness that we find in the Rider Waite deck. The Queen herself has a simple, yet beautiful look (wearing open sandals and all) she is pretty down to earth and comfortable within herself.

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