Tarot Card meaning for the Page of Swords

In the Page of Swords, we see a young man standing on a hilltop, looking at the surrounding area. He is in a good position to make decisions and to choose his actions wisely. Reversely he could just stand there indecisively.

The Page of Swords as a day card

Today, you or someone around you might be in a good position to see a situation clearly and to make decisions. Who is this? And what decisions needs to be made? Alternatively there might be some indecision. If this is the case, why are we indecisive?

Negative or reversed meaning for this card

The Page is still young he is starting in this element of air, the analytical mind and might over analyse things and be indecisive, if we interpret the card negatively. Reversed the card could also mean that he might be struck by allot of things we are trying to achieve and we quickly thought about them but the rule of life; that things take time, is hard to grasp for this younger person.

How this card could present itself in real life

As outlined in the paragraph above, I also have many ideas for the future and normally grand plans for each day. They are not always realistic and this causes frustration. However when you get older you do mellow a bit and can estimate things a bit more realistic. You can also see that overtime you can achieve quite a bit if you just take it one step at a time.

The court cards in the Tarot are for me without a doubt the most interesting cards to compare and contrast between other decks. In the Rider Waite, Pages are shown as Young men, the younger ones in the royal family of the suit. In other decks this card is represented by princesses or children. Just because they are shown as younger people doesn’t mean that the age of the client needs to necessarily be young. A page card represents that the person for who this card is meant is starting in a new suit and learns a whole range of new skills.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

In the Celtic Dragon Tarot we see a young boy as the Page. He looks with his full attention to a dragon while another dragon sets fire to a scroll of paper. Was that paper important?

In the Crowley Tarot we see a Princess she fights against the sky and the invisible opponent which is actually a good comparison with us learning to deal with the constant demands of the mind.

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