Tarot Card meaning for the Page of Pentacles

In the Page of Pentacles, we see a young man in a beautiful rural landscape, holding a Pentacle as though it is his most valuable possession, or something he cherishes. The page encourages us to look at what we value and what we want. But remember: if we stay here, we will remain here, just standing and dreaming.

The Page of Pentacles as a day card

Today you or someone you know might be taking time out to see what they truly value, taking some time to dream and look at their possibilities. Who could this be?
The flip side is that while we dream about everything valuable to us, nothing tangible gets done. How can we solidify some plans to get things ‘off the ground’?

Negative or reversed meaning for this card

All pages have something dreamy about them. If we connect this dreaminess with a suit that is after solid structures and tangible results, we might find that the negative meaning for this card is that these elements are at odds. Pentacles want structure and clarity, the Page is a dreamer not always a doer this contradiction can be very frustrating.

How this card could present itself in real life

In several readings I have done this card came up for people when they were about to start retirement. The card highlights that even though the person the reading is for is older, in the deck they appear young and are not familiar with this suit at this point in their lives. It appears that when people are about to embark on retirement, they do a bit of soul searching and look for the things that have meaning and will continue to bring meaning into their lives. What this meaningful something is, will of course differ from one person onto the next.

How this card is represented in other Tarot decks

The court cards in the Tarot are for me without a doubt the most interesting cards to compare and contrast between other decks. In the Rider Waite, Pages are shown as Young men, the younger ones in the royal family of the suit. In other decks this card is represented by princesses or children. Just because they are shown as younger people doesn’t mean that the age of the client needs to necessarily be young. A page card represents that the person for who this card is meant is starting in a new suit and learns a whole range of new skills.

In the Celtic Dragon Tarot we see a young boy that appears to enthusiastically learn new things. He seems to be at ease with his pet dragon and he can see fantastic things through his imagination.

In the Crowley Tarot we see a strong female figure as the Princes in this suit. She is powerful, in control and appears to be very stable in her way of doing things.

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