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This week we have Dani’s question which is about a change of career.

Our brief
The topic: job
People involve: don't know
Question: when I will find a job and in what area (Will I change my career area?)

The Cards that were drawn
for Dani’s free three card Tarot reading:

Firstly we have a mixture of cards with one Major Arcana card (Justice), a court card (Knight of Pentacles) and a minor Arcana Card (10 of Cups).

The layout I picked was the past, present, future spread but I haven’t read it only in that context.

Free three card Tarot reading – the interpretation

Dani has been clearly weighing up a decision in regards to changing careers (Justice) it is not a rushed spur of the moment thing. You can see a downwards pointing arrow which indicates that the card was originally reversed (as I don’t like reading upside down I turned it around ;-) Being reversed would suggest in this case that it is a hard call to make based on…. Money (Knight of Cups) and what we really enjoy doing (10 of Cups).

At this stage I would ask Dani what type of change she is looking for. What is she thinking? From which career, is she thinking of changing, to what other career path?

It appears that at the moment she is safe and gets the money in, it might be a bit stagnant as the Knight is not really moving. If you add our assumption that she is not that happy at her current work place. We are at present in a situation that is both uncomfortable (we don’t do what we like) and comfortable because we are still getting value from our current employment in terms of a steady wage.

In future we want to do something we ‘love’ to do seeing that the 10 of Cups is one of the biggest happiness cards. This card however was originally reversed so this would lead me to the question: does Dani know what would make her happy in a job? If not it explains why the Knight of Pentacles is not moving, he doesn’t know where to go.

Questions in this free three card reading

Dani asked a few specific questions: when will I find a job and in what area (will I change my career area?). Being not psychic I would go for the following summary and say; it depends…

A job will be found, when a decision has been made (the Justice Card) on what Dani likes to do and there is a job that matches this ideal. This in turn would get the Knight of Pentacles to move as he then knows where to go. When that decision is made things will move. At this stage it is unsure in terms of next week or next month. Dani is going through a process here of finding out what she wants. Added to this is that once she knows what she wants, from the external world we then need to find job offers that match her career preference and abilities. 

This free three card Tarot reading in summary

This is what we would tell Dani; Make sure the decision is a well thought out and a balanced decision based on finding a job / career change, that pays the bills and makes you ‘happy’ or at least enjoy your work more. 

Note: that the 10 of Cups is reversed so we need to find out what we like, find the job that matches it and accept that no job will be 100 % perfect. In terms of the 10 of cups I would look for a job that expands your world. This as the postures of the people in the 10 of cups are very different from the constricted Knight of Pentacles.

Advice based upon this free three card Tarot reading

I would spend time looking for different job opportunities and then asking yourself if this would be a good fit. Go for several job interviews, talk to friends and family and do some research on the companies that you would like to work with. (If Dani studies maybe there are contacts or industry leads there as well). We want this to be an all-round decision based on logic, financial grounding but it should also be an opportunity to enjoy the work at hand more. Once we have found that, we are ready to change careers.

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